To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Bishop Elaine Stanovsky directed local churches of any size and other ministries in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington to suspend in-person worship and other non-essential ministries effective March 28. Audubon Park has been approved for Phase 2 in the PNW Conference plan for reopening our facility and resuming in-person ministry. 

If you click here you’ll find an overview of the guidelines provided by our Bishop for a phased reopening of our church facilities and resuming in-person ministry. This is a summary of a 27 page document provided by the Annual Conference to guide our leaders as we create a plan for our church.

Our leaders and staff created a 23 page plan for our church for Phase 2 that has been approved by our Core Leadership Team and our District Superintendent. Here are the highlights from our plan:

  • Our facility remains closed except for essential meetings and work. If you or your group believe your work is essential and that you need to access the building please call us (325-4541) or email us (
  • Staff are encouraged work from home as much as possible and should only come to work in the church building if necessary. The phone is being forwarded and staff are monitoring the building and checking mail regularly.
  • Our food bank will continue to operate but the Tuesday Breakfast will remain closed.
  • Fellowship groups and small groups are strongly encouraged to meet virtually or outdoors with facemasks and social distancing. If your group would like to meet in the building they must receive prior approval. Contact Pastor Geoff for more info.
  • Worship will continue online on Facebook, YouTube and our church website. We are exploring a “call-in” option for those who are unable to use the internet to access our worship. We are currently streaming a pre-recorded service but may begin livestreaming worship from the sanctuary in phase 2.
  • Some rooms (and even restrooms) are designated as unusable except for necessary maintenance during phase 2. This will reduce the rooms that we need to sanitize. Click here to see a map. 

If you must enter the building for any reason:

  • You must sign in and out so that we know who has accessed the building.
  • You must wear a facemask and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others
  • You must use hand sanitizer when you enter and exit the building
  • You must sanitize your workspace all surfaces you touch using the supplies and instructions provided.
  • When possible, do everything you can to increase ventilation: leave doors open, open windows, use fans, etc.

Most Small groups, ministry teams, or other non-essential meetings from Audubon Park UMC that gather at the church have been canceled or moved online. If you're wondering if your meeting or gathering is canceled contact your leader or email Laura at Gatherings that take place off-site should be done with caution and at your discretion. We will keep you up to date as information changes and with any decisions regarding church activities. 

We'll communicate updates and additional information as it becomes available on facebook, here on the website and via email. For pastoral care concerns contact Pastor Glenn or Pastor Geoff ( 

Below you'll find details on some of the ways that our church is responding to our current situation. 

COmmunity & Worship in a Covid-19 World

We've put together a page on our website filled with ways to grow in your faith and support the church's ministries, and serve others in love in this difficult time. This is a growing list and we'd love to share any ideas you may have. Just email Pastor Geoff with your ideas and resources. 

Your pastors and a small team of staff and volunteers will get together every Sunday for as long as needed in order to livestream an online worship experience of Sunday Mornings. Those will happen through YouTube Live and Facebook Live, and can be accessed on the church website, the church's YouTube Channel, or the church's Facebook Page

Usually, the stream will start about five minutes early, to allow time for people to find the stream and get comfy. It should last about 45-60 min, but the feed WILL run about 10 minutes longer, so that people can “fellowship” in the comments a little bit. You'll need a YouTube account to make comments on YouTube and a Facebook account to make comments on YouTube. Both are free and fairly easy to set up. If you watch the sermon from the website, we'd appreciate you filling out an online connection card so that we'll know you were with us. 

If you can't watch the service live, you will be able to view the entire service on the church's YouTube page. You can also watch the sermon on the sermon page of the church's website. In fact, last Sunday's sermon is already up and you can find the YouTube link to watch the entire service in the description.


Visit our Online Children's Ministry page to join us for a weekly Audubon Park Kids Zoom and for weekly bible lessons with videos and activities for families to do at home. Email Pastor Geoff for the password to access this part of our website. 


We have made the difficult decision to close the Tuesday Breakfast Program through the end of April in order to continue to serve our community through the Audubon Park Food Bank. We'll be drastically changing the way we distribute food, moving to a sort of "drive through" model for most clients. The Food Bank is open on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month and preparations happen on the Monday before. If you'd like to help, please email our Food Bank Director, Karen Peacock, to make sure we have room for you. We need to limit the number of volunteers to allow for the appropriate physical distancing to prevent the spread of Corona-virus. Click here for more info on our Food Bank.

I know that this will seem last minute for many of you but we've been trying to get this all set up. On Thursdays, I'll be leading a weekly Bible Study on The Walk by Adam Hamilton, our Lenten Study book and also the book that our current sermons series is based on. If you don't have a copy of the book yet it's available as a hardback from most major booksellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble and is available on Kindle and Nook as well. 

This Bible Study will be available on ZOOM and Facebook Live. ZOOM will allow those with webcams to participate in conversation together. You can also call into zoom on using your telephone, the details will be below. If you you're okay with just watching and not joining in the conversation, you'll also be able to watch on Facebook Live. There you will be limited to writing comments, though I'll be monitoring those during the Bible Study as well. 

Join to join the zoom call on your computer go to

You can also join the call by phone. Just dial one of the following phone numbers and enter the Meeting ID:  457 040 171
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)


Beginning on April 15, Pastor Geoff will lead a short mid-week Vespers service with music, scripture, prayer and a short reflection. 

We're working to create small groups within the church for this season that we've named "Calling Communities." We hope to roll these out sometime next week. Each group will have a leader who will reach out to connect with you to check-in and create community. Some groups may call each other regularly to visit and socialize. Others may want to set up a Zoom Call or Google Hangout to communicate. While we are being asked to remain physically distant during this crisis, this is one way we hope to create community and build relationships. 

During the time of shutdown and isolation, if you are especially vulnerable or susceptible to ANY disease, please let us know if we can go make a grocery run for you. Send us a list and we’ll shop, OR the best way to go about it is to submit an online order through one of the supermarkets that does online ordering, and we’ll pick up the groceries for you. Let us help!

Want to help with this? Please email Pastor Geoff to get added to the list of Shoppers and Errand Runners! Pastor Geoff will contact you with the name and phone number of someone who needs your help. 

This may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme right now, but trust me. It matters that you continue to get your offering in, as long as you are fiscally able. This is a great time to check out the online giving options, or set up online bill pay through your bank. Even the healthiest congregations can find themselves in the hole, and quick, after just a few Sundays of missed offerings. If you can’t give online, mail in a check, send a carrier pigeon, do what you have to do. We even have a new giving app called Give+ from Vanco for iPhone and Android phones. Even if the building is empty, bills and salaries need to be paid; what’s more, you’re helping our church maintain mission commitments to the community in a time when that commitment is more important than ever.