Creators' Table

Sundays at 5:00 pm

1832 W. Dean

Creators' Table is a new site of Audubon Park and the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane in Spokane's West Central neighborhood at the historic Holy Trinity Chapel.  Under the leadership of Pastor Katy and Rev. Jonathan Myers, vicar of the West Central Episcopal Mission, Creators' Table seeks to make meaning of God's stories, make beautiful our lives, and make sacred our world.  Like our partner congregations, we extend a special welcome to non-het-cis people, people of color, people in recovery, people with a history, immigrants, people with doubts and questions, people in poverty, people with mental illness, people with disabilities, and to any person who has ever felt alienated by the church.  

Creators' Table is committed to an ethic of relentless re-interpretation.  We constantly negotiate with tradition in our liturgies; every worship experience is an experiment in making meaning, a wildly provocative statement on God's presence in our lives, and a collective art project seeking to reconstruct the world in the image of grace.  We worship with discordant music, spoken word poetry, stand up comedy, round-table conversation, dramas, live art, mindfulness meditation, and Communion.  Sometimes we even worship with swear words.  Always we are seeking to make space for a transformative encounter with the Holy Spirit, the rogue-ist artist of them all.

For more information, email Pastor Katy, or visit us on Facebook.