Hi friends! You may have heard that on July 1 of this year, I started a new appointment (Methodist-speak for “job”) as a church planter, working out of Audubon Park United Methodist Church in my hometown of Spokane. Audubon is expanding and launching a second location, and it’s my job to gather together this new faith community.

For me, this opportunity is my dream job. Being a pastor brings together my teacher, writer, storyteller, adventurer, and nerd selves, into one whole person in Christ. And while I love the traditional church that raised me in the faith, it wasn’t until I encountered a church that did things differently that Christianity became my faith.

When I lived in Pittsburgh I hung out at a church called The Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community. This church taught me that the Kingdom of God is not just in heaven - it's breaking out around us here on Earth, and we can participate in that when we eat dinner with people who live under bridges, when we laugh at ourselves, when we tell the truth to each other about what's broken in our lives, when we follow a Jesus who disrupts, rather than reinforces, the status quo. This church taught me that a bunch of Christians can do so much more than "make a difference." God can use the church, the body of Christ on earth today, to heal, transform, lovingly convict, redeem, and give new life. That's why I've gone into ministry - this church was so compelling I couldn't do anything else. And while Audubon Park and many traditional churches like it do wonderful work in Spokane, we need new congregations that do things in new ways if we want to include new people in the unfolding story of God’s grace in our world.

I dream of a faith community in Spokane where the Gospel is gritty and honest enough to resonate with people living on the margins. I dream of a faith community that transforms Spokane into a more beautiful, more compassionate city, through dynamic collaborations with local artists. I dream of a faith community where people who would never otherwise interact, encounter each other as means of grace. I dream of a faith community where your participation and belonging is more important than your behavior or beliefs. I dream of a faith community where our worship does justice, our relationships love mercy, and we all learn together to walk humbly with Christ.

I am deeply grateful to Audubon Park UMC for taking on this adventure with me. We need all the help we can get! Thank your for your prayers, your financial support, your good wishes and words of encouragement! If you’d like to sign up to receive monthly email updates from me, click below!

Grace and Peace,


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