We live in a broken world. It’s perhaps easiest to see “out there,” in broken families and broken relationships, or in our broken world. But when we are honest with ourselves, there is deep brokenness in our own souls as well. Society’s brokenness—it’s inability to work well—is a reflection of our own dysfunction. We have celebrated Jesus’ birth, and the songs of Christmas are still ringing in our ears, but even at the heart of the Christmas story is brokenness— Mary and Joseph’s broken dreams, a murderous king, the holy family driven into exile as refugees in another country. The best part of the Christmas story is that Jesus came into our broken world to bring hope and healing.

A form of Japanese art, Kintsugi, takes broken pottery and restores its wholeness with molten gold holding the pieces together. In brokenness and healing, the pottery is made more beautiful and far more valuable. This is what Jesus does for us. The evidence of our brokenness remains, and by grace our brokenness becomes beautiful ministry. As Henri Nouwen said, we are wounded healers. Come worship with us--broken people are welcome!

A Worship Series beginning January 13, 2019!