"You've Got A friend in Me"

The Gospel in Toy Story

Pixar makes films that wrestle with the complexities of life that humans wrestle with, making us think, laugh, and inevitably cry. They have become master storytellers. Good stories draw on familiar themes and story arcs that audiences connect with easily, even if they’re not necessarily the “target audience.” Good stories point to truths beyond the story itself.

Almost 25  years ago the first Toy Story movie came out in theaters, a story about a young boy and his love for his toys. It may be a simple story but it’s a powerful story that is as timeless as our own faith story. That first movie and the movies that have followed touch our hearts precisely because they tap into deep truths.

This fall we’ll kick things off with a family friendly sermon series, You’ve Got a Friend in Me, looking for ways in which the Toy Story films point to deep truths, truths that resonate with the gospel. Join us  as we learn  alongside Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy’s toys.

We’ll explore  important lessons of friendship and faith found not only in the Toy Story movies, but also in Scripture.


September 8 - October 13 at 9am & 10:30am