The Separation of Church and Hate

Sundays at 10:30 AM | Sept 13-27

Politics. You’re likely thinking to yourself, “Let’s change the subject.” But we have reached a point in our country where we are not only divided, we are estranged from one another. Something is badly broken in our county and our inability to see the humanity, let alone, the dignity of those who disagree with us should be alarming and distressing for all who love this country. Christ calls his followers to broken places, to places where hate reigns. As followers of Christ, we must acknowledge this problem and participate in Christ’s work of bringing healing and wholeness.


In this highly contentious season, our focus for this series is not who is right or which side Jesus is on, but rather on how we, as people of faith, treat others and respond to one another. It’s time for the Separation of Church and Hate. Join us as we discuss the role of Christians amidst the tensions found in the world today.


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