Supporting Ministries & Organizations that Make a Difference

During Lent many Christians commit to fasting, or giving up certain luxuries in order to remember the sacrifice of Jesus' journey into the desert for 40 days.


In recent years, instead of simply abstaining from certain things, our church has focused on giving to those in need through a campaign we call “40 Days of Giving.”

For each day of the Lenten season, we’ll identify an item that you can donate to support not only our ministries, but also other organizations that make a difference in our community.

You can drop off your donations in the bins in the church parlor.

We also invite you to keep the organizations and those they serve in your prayers as you gather your donations. 

$40 for 40 days

Don't have time to find and purchase all of these items? Consider donating $1 for each day of lent - we'll make sure the funds that are donated are divided among each of these ministries and agencies. 

Audubon park umc food bank &

breakfast program

Our Food Bank works with Second Harvest to provide healthy food to those in our service area. We're currently open on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 8:30am - 11:30am, at which time coffee and breakfast are also served!

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated! For more info or to find out how you can get involved, check out

Weds 2/22  -  1lb pkg of spaghetti                    Thurs 2/23  -  1 can of beans

Fri 2/24  -  1 can of fruit                                     Sat 2/25  -  1 can of soup

Mon 2/27  -  1 box of 1 gallon ziplock bags     Tues 2/28  -  1 roll of paper towels

Weds 3/1  -  1 carton of buttermilk                   Thurs 3/2  -  1 pkg of sugar packets

Fri 3/3  -  1 pkg of ketchup packets                  Sat 3/4  -  1 pkg Italian-style breadcrumbs

Mon 3/6  -  1 can of tomato sauce                    Tues 3/7  -  1 bottle of ketchup  

Weds 3/8  -  1 meal in a box                              Thurs 3/9  -  1 box of cereal

Fri 3/10  -  1 can of stew                                    Sat 3/11  -  1 can of vegetables

audubon elementary school

We love partnering with our neighborhood elementary school! In the past we have had church members volunteer for programming, participate in Teacher Appreciation Week, and be involved with the Bite 2 Go program, providing food to take home for students suffering from food insecurity.

For more info about Audubon Elementary or volunteer opportunities, check out

Mon 3/13  -  1 pair of sweatpants/leggings* 

Tues 3/14  -  1 pkg underwear*

Weds 3/15  -  1 pkg markers or crayons

Thurs 3/16  -  1 travel-size toothbrush/paste

Fri 3/17  -  1 travel-size deodorant
Sat 3/18  -  1 comb or brush

*size 4T, 5T, or Youth 6-10

Bare necessities

The mission of the Bare Necessities Non-Food Pantry is to support the Audubon Park Food Bank clients by offering personal hygiene and household cleaning products - because every person has the right to feel clean.  

Guests can “shop” from the donated items on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month. To find out how you can get involved, email Sandi Nicol at

Mon 3/20  -  1 bottle of liquid hand soap

Tues 3/21  -  1 pkg of safety razors

Weds 3/22  -  1 pkg of disinfectant wipes

Thurs 3/23  -  1 box of tissues

Fri 3/24  -  1 toothbrush (adult or child's)

Sat 3/25  -  1 tube of toothpaste

twinlow camp & retreat center

Twinlow is our local United Methodist Camp & Retreat Center, located on the Lower Twin Lakes in Rathdrum, ID. They run summer camps for all ages (now including adults!), as well as year-round events and retreats. We are proud to support camperships for youth and children who want to attend camp but need help with the cost.  To learn more, visit

Mon 3/27  -  1 pkg of perler beads

Tues 3/28  -  1 pkg of pony beads

Weds 3/29  -  1 pkg of acrylic paints

Thurs 3/30  -  1 pkg of paint brushes

Fri 3/31  -  1 pkg of colored cardstock

Sat 4/1  -  1 pkg of canvases


Mon 4/3  -  1 pkg of tape (all kinds)

giving back packs

Giving Back Packs began in 2015 when its founder, Rick Clark, used his last $8 to buy some snacks for a homeless man named Jared who had been robbed the night before while sleeping on the streets. Rick promised to also return in a few days with a replacement backpack for Jared, and asked his Facebook friends to help him achieve that goal - within a couple days, the post had gone mini-viral, and enough was donated to fill not just one, but 25 backpacks!

Since that day in 2015, Giving Back Packs has donated over 7,000 backpacks, and is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping those in need, and reaching out and connecting to our fellow humans in meaningful ways. For more info, check out

Tues 4/4  -  1 gently-used or new adult backpack

Weds 4/5  -  1 gas card (any station, any value $5+)

Thurs 4/6  -  1 grocery card (any store, any value $5+)

Friday 4/7  -  1 bus pass (by hour or day)

Sat 4/8  -  1 package of adult socks