Join us in worship as we explore the questions that arise amidst suffering and loss. 

Suffering and tragedy are a regular part of life.  Diseases leave death and disability in their wake. Crime and cruelty bring grief and pain. Accidents result in untold suffering. These leave us with profound questions of faith:

  • Are tragedy and suffering God’s will?
  • If not, why doesn’t God stop them?
  • Why do our prayers for help seem to go unanswered?

In this sermon series, we’ll spend four weeks considering these questions and more as we explore the topics theologians call “theodicy” and “providence” – how we reconcile God’s goodness with suffering and pain, and how God is at work in our world. If you’ve ever struggled with these questions, or have a friend or family member who has, join us for, Why? God, Suffering and Hope.

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