Anything But ORdinary

July 4 - August 29

We measure time with alarm clocks and days off… with cups of coffee and sunrises… through birthdays, snow days and the ordinary passing of time. Life has a natural ebb and flow. We live one day in, one day out.

The church on the other hand measures time not day by day but in liturgical seasons set aside and designed around the radical life of Jesus of Nazareth. You may already know of some of these seasons, like Advent and Lent, Pentecost and Epiphany.  The summer is considered a season of ordinary time in the life of the church — a season in between the mystifying resurrection of Jesus at Easter and Jesus’ birth, visited anew, at Advent.

But ordinary time is punctuated by a God who keeps showing up—persistently, creatively, and lovingly showing up — in ways that are surprising, transformative, joyful, reconciling, and unifying. The movement of the spirit is anything but ordinary.

This series will invite us to consider the summer months as a time to pay attention to the ways God continues to use what is ordinary for radical transformation and love. Join us is this season of ordinary time to learn more about the surprisingly persistent grace of God which forever and always will be anything but ordinary.

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